Families, this is just a brief note to keep you up-to-date regarding the increase of needles that have been found in public places in Cambridge. We are thankful that no needles have been found on our school grounds and that our custodian does a regular sweep of the grounds to ensure everyone’s safety. Our teachers have been asked to review with their students the expectation that if needles are ever found – whether on the school property, on their walk to school, in the park, or in their neighbourhood, they are to report it to an adult who will make sure that it will be disposed of in a safe manner. The City of Cambridge is requesting community members call 519-623-1340 if they find any needles. They will deploy a team for safe clean-up. This will also help them collect clear data and build an appropriate plan for keeping the city safe. We invite you to review the same messages with your children to ensure everyone’s safety.