We are very excited to welcome students to Highland for the 2022/23 school year!  

What you need to know for Tuesday, September 6 – The First Day of School

As you may have heard, the WRDSB is still recovering from the cyber security incident, and as a result, the Board was unable to restore full functionality to School Day in time for families to find out who their teachers will be for the upcoming school year. Physically posting class lists on exterior school doors is a violation of student privacy, and therefore, not an option. Please carefully read through our plan below.  We have tried our best to make the arrival of students as safe and organized as possible on Tuesday, given this unique challenge.

Staff will be on duty beginning at 9:05.  The school bell rings at 9:20.  All kindergarten students will gather on the hardtop at the back of the school closest to the field.  There will be 4 pylons set up with teachers and DECEs to help you find which class your child belongs to.  Teachers will be holding signs with their names on them.

Grades 1-6 will be gathering on the other side of the school in the courtyard.  Teachers will be standing by a pylon with their name and grade printed clearly on signs. Staff have class lists for the entire school and will be able to help you find which class your child belongs to.   

If for some reason your child’s name does not appear on any list, please come to the main office.  

Given the number of people that will be at the school Tuesday morning, we are asking that once you have found your child’s class that you please leave as soon as possible.  If it is imperative that you must wait, please do so from the hill at the side of the school so all students can find their location as quickly as possible.  


Ongoing construction on Salisbury:

The City of Cambridge has told us that Salisbury Ave. will be closed south of Forest Road for about another month, so please plan your route accordingly if driving to school.  The portion of Salisbury that is in front of the school has new curbs and sidewalks, but please be aware that the width of the road is narrower than previous years.  If you are in Kiss N Ride or parked in a legal space in front of the school, try to make sure your vehicle is over as far as possible so other vehicles can travel safely in between.

The Kiss N’ Ride program will continue to run this year between 9:05-9:20 and 3:40-3:55.

Due to the road construction, our regular school bus is unable to drop off and pick up on Forest Road.  The new stop has been temporarily moved to the corner of Gladstone Ave and Berkley Rd.  Students will be walking with staff members to and from the bus at drop off and pick up. 

Thanks for your continued patience and understanding.  We are looking forward to seeing everyone on Tuesday!



Sean Finn, Principal

Yomi Aroso, Vice-Principal